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Is your team in need of new uniforms? Maybe the coaching staff could use some new polos? Or maybe all you need are some extra scrimmage pinnies and shin pads.  Look no further – with our network of suppliers, Gold Gear can hook you up – with what you need, when you need it. To get an idea of how vast our reach is, check out all of our uniform and apparel catalogs by visiting the “BRANDS WE LOVE” or contact us for more info!

New Uniforms

Let Gold Gear help enhance your team's spirit & pride so players 

feel more connected and unified in their appearance on game day.

new coaching apparel

Does your coaching staff need new game day polos or custom team gear to represent the team? Gold Gear as a variety of different brands and styles to choose from!

New scrimmage gear

Gold Gear has the hookup when It comes to scrimmage gear like pinnies and shin guards. Look no further and partner with us when It comes to purchasing those things.

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