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How Gold Athletics' Fundraisers Reward Players with Gear Incentives

Raise money and get rewarded. It’s that simple.

Players that work hard during their team's fundraiser will get rewarded with quality gear and incentives. Your teammates didn’t sign up for basketball to sell cookie dough, popcorn, discount cards, or online donations but by doing it (and doing it well) for their team, they will get rewarded.

Why does Gold Athletics use only high quality gear?

Gold Athletics believes in rewarding players when they achieve their goals and incentivizes pushing past their comfort zones. High-quality equipment supports athletes with the confidence to exceed their limits and strive for excellence. Quality gear ultimately helps connect players with their friends and family, creating a supportive community that encourages growth and success during each sports season.

Sports instill valuable life skills and fundraising teaches salesmanship, both valuable tools for learning hard work, dedication, communication, and teamwork. Gold Gear 'rewards' are an added bonus.

How do players win prizes?

In order to win prizes through Gold Athletics' fundraising app, players must first hit individual sales goals set by both their fundraising coach and their team coach. These sales goals are tracked and calculated automatically by the GA App, making it easy for coaches to monitor their teams' progress towards their prize goals. It's important to note that there is a deadline for hitting these goals, which adds an extra layer of motivation for players to work hard and sell as much as possible.

What are checkpoint prizes and how do they work?

During the course of a Gold Athletics fundraiser, players will have the opportunity to earn additional 'checkpoint' prizes. These prizes act as a midway point goal for players to track their progress and incentivize their individual efforts. The checkpoint prizes are earned through the GA App and are fully customizable to the program and team, making each fundraising experience unique. Players must hit their checkpoint goal by a certain date and time in order to receive the prize, further motivating them to work hard and make sales. By breaking up the fundraising process into smaller, achievable goals, checkpoint prizes help keep players engaged and motivated throughout the fundraiser.

What suppliers does Gold Athletics work with?

At Gold Athletics, we are committed to providing the best possible gear and equipment to help our athletes achieve their goals, on and off the field. We work with brands such as Nike, Ubix, Under Armour, X Grain and more to supply quality, custom gear.

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